The Last of Us Season 2: Everything We Know

Everything we know about the upcoming second season of the HBO video game adaptation starring Pedro Pascal.

What Do We Know About the upcoming second season of The Last of Us? More than you may think. The hit HBO series became a new benchmark for video game adaptations with a faithful take on the source material and new material from the game creators. Now, season two is set to raise the bar yet again. So, let’s dive in and take a look at what is coming next from the hit video game adaptation’s sophomore run.

Same Showrunners with New Writers/Directors

The success of the first season of The Last of Us meant the return of showrunner Craig Mazin, best known for HBO’s acclaimed Chernobyl as well as writing the less-than-acclaimed The Hangover Part II and Part III as well as Scary Movie 3 and 4. Mazin worked on the second season alongside game creator Neil Druckmann and new writers Hailey Gross and Bo Shim. Druckmann, Mazin, and Peter Hoar will return as directors in the second season with new helmers Kate Herron, Nina Lopez-Corrado, Mark Mylod, and Stephen Williams.

The second season will pick up five years later

The first season of The Last of Us covered the entire first video game, stopping at the same point where Joel and Ellie depart the Colorado hospital. With Joel holding a massive lie about what happened at the facility, the pair leave with their destination unknown to viewers of the series but very well known to gamers. Many expected the second season to include new material to bridge the gap between the video games. Still, Druckmann and Mazin have since stated they did not want to add any filler material not in the games already, which means season two will begin five years after season one with Joel and Ellie living in Jackson, Wyoming.


Part II will go beyond Season 2

Since it was not a foregone conclusion that The Last of Us would even get a second season, Druckmann and Mazin wanted to ensure the series’ initial run was a full narrative arc for the characters. With season two, the showrunners plan to develop the story slowly, with the second video game providing material for multiple television seasons. New writer Hailey Gross cowrote Part II with Neil Druckmann, and her input will ensure that the series sticks close to the established storylines. Mazin has teased that The Last of Us could run for about four seasons, which means that Part II will be stretched to fit somewhere between two and three total seasons.

Who is joining the cast?

Season two is currently in production but was delayed due to the 2023 Writers Guild Strike and subsequent SAG-AFTRA strike, which occurred right when auditions occurred. The most important casting decision was Abby, a main character, with Kaitlyn Dever being selected for the role. Isabelle Merced, most recently seen in Madame Web, was chosen to play Dina. Other new characters include Jesse, played by Young Mazino (Netflix’s Beef), Mel played by Ariela Barer, Nora, played by Tati Gabrielle, and Owen played by Spencer Lord. Danny Ramirez will play Manny with Gabriel Luna returning as Joel’s brother, Tommy. The only cast member whose role has not been disclosed is Schitt’s Creek icon Catherine O’Hara, who may play a key guest role like Nick Offerman in the first season.

What is the story?

The Last of Us Part II has often been boiled down to being more of a showcase for Ellie, played by Bella Ramsey. The relationship between Ellie and Dina has been hailed as a masterful storyline in video games and is sure to be impressive in live-action as well. But Ramsey herself has said that the second season will explore the complexity of Ellie’s relationship with Joel, which could mean either expanded material added to existing scenes and subplots or may just be indicative of Ramsey’s desire to work with Pedro Pascal more. What we do know is that the video game takes the story in a much darker direction, if that is even possible. There is a theme of revenge and grief that pervades Part II.

Vincent D'Onofrio

How many episodes will Pedro Pascal appear in?

The celebrity of Pedro Pascal has skyrocketed in recent years, with the actor being front and center in The Last of Us while still providing his voice to the Disney+ Star Wars series, The Mandalorian. Pascal is also now the star of Marvel Studios’ long-anticipated movie The Fantastic Four, in which he will play the lead role of Reed Richards. Being stretched, pun intended, in so many directions and with the fate of Joel a foregone conclusion in The Last of Us Part II, the question is whether the writers will accelerate his departure from the main story or if he will meet his maker in Season Three or later.

When will we see it?

HBO’s only announcement has been that the series will premiere in 2025, which was announced at the end of 2023. Production was delayed due to the strikes, but filming is slated to wrap in August 2024. Post-production will take some time, which means we should not expect to see the second season until at least Summer next year.

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