Killer Body Count: Impurity, debauchery & a crazed killer run wild in trailer for Tubi Original horror

Impurity, debauchery, and a crazed killer run wild in the trailer for Killer Body Count, a Tubi Original horror set to premiere this Friday.

If you’ve been sleeping on Tubi, you should give the free, ad-supported streaming service a try. They have quite an extensive library of horror movies, ranging from old-school classics like The Texas Chain Saw Massacre to unknown gems. They’ve also got their own line of Tubi Originals, and the latest will hit the service in just a few days: Killer Body Count, a slasher from director Daniskha Esterhazy set at a rehab center for sex addicts. Check out the new trailer for Killer Body Count above!

Mistaken for a sex addict by her devout father, Cami is sent to an isolated rehab center,” reads the official synopsis for Killer Body Count. “But when a killer begins to hunt the teens, Cami realizes that her survival and her independence are intertwined in ways she could never imagine.” The film stars Cassiell Eatock-Winnik as Cami George, Savana Tardieu as Wyatt, N’Kone Mametja as Mia, Khosi Ngema as Ali, Alex McGregor as Tawny, Bjorn Steinbach as Eugene, and Jessie Diepeveen as Bree.

Director Danishka Esterhazy is best known for The Banana Splits Movie and the remake of Slumber Party Massacre. Our own Alex Maidy had a lot of fun with the contemporary reimagining of the classic slasher. “Slumber Party Massacre successfully addresses the male and female gaze, the Bechdel Test, and virtually every trope of the 1980s slasher genre,” Maidy wrote. “It works far better when it is in solid satire mode and wobbles a bit when it switches into a more conventional horror tone. Still, this movie is a lot of bloody fun and works thanks to an ensemble of likable actors playing characters you want to root for while simultaneously paying homage to the original 1982 movie. Slumber Party Massacre is a fun blast of gore that does a great job of taking social commentary and weaving it into a story about bludgeoning people to death rather than beating us over the head with it.” You can check out the rest of Maidy’s review right here.

What did you think of the trailer for Killer Body Count? Will you be watching when it premieres on Tubi on May 17th?

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