Liam Neeson checks into Guy Moshe’s action thriller alongside Zachary Levi for Hotel Tehran

Liam Neeson will star alongside Zachary Levi in Guy Moshe’s upcoming action film Hotel Tehran, which will begin production this summer.

Hotel Tehran, Liam Neeson, Guy Moshe

Ring the Room Service staff and ask them to prep the penthouse because Liam Neeson is checking into Guy Moshe’s upcoming action thriller Hotel Tehran. The feature-length project stars Zachary Levi (TangledAmerican UnderdogChuck), with cameras set to roll later this summer. Moshe is a seasoned filmmaker with films like HollyBunraku, and LX 2048 attached to his director credits.

Speaking about Hotel Tehran, which has worldwide distribution from Rocket Science alongside previously announced Oakhurst Entertainment, Astral Future, and Dreamtime Films, Moshe said, “I’m thrilled to welcome Liam Neeson to Hotel Tehran. He is a true thespian and an icon in our industry. The character he plays, Larry, is complex, irreverent, and inspired by real people. I know his fans around the world will relish seeing him inhabit this distinct role and I can’t wait to be there to capture it.”

Moshe reunites with Prisoner’s Daughter writer Mark Bacci to pen the Hotel Tehran screenplay. The duo teamed up for Prisoner’s Daughter, starring Brian Cox, Steven Littles, and Kate Beckinsale, for the 2022 drama that Moshe executive produced.

“We have long since been an admirer of Mr. Neeson’s storied career. His casting in this role represents a highlight of ours and we are counting the days until we get on set,” said producer Matthew G. Zamias.

“It takes an army to bring a story of this nature to life and we are fortunate to have the experience of top ex-special forces and government intelligence operatives leading the charge,” producer Wendy Sweetmore adds. “We know they will help craft this film and arm the actors, including the incomparable Liam Neeson and the dynamic Zachary Levi, with the care and authenticity it deserves.”

Plot details for Hotel Tehran remain a mystery. However, it’s worth noting that the story is based on an original idea by Bazzel Baz, a former CIA Intelligence Special Operations Group Officer. If he doesn’t have exciting stories to tell, who would?

Do you think Liam Neeson and Zachary Levi will make great Hotel Tehran leads? Where’s the fanciest hotel you’ve ever stayed in? I once stayed inside a converted bank vault in London, England. It was pretty wicked.

Source: Deadline

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