Mr. & Mrs. Smith gets renewed for a second season, but will not see the stars returning

Amazon would naturally capitalize on the title that became a top 5 debut on the platform, but the formula may possibly be shaken up with new actors.

Amazon’s adaptation of Mr. & Mrs. Smith put a twist on the original Doug Liman film and the show, which premiered earlier this year, would become one of Prime Video’s top five new series debuts ever in terms of total U.S. viewers. The series would get the greenlight for a second season at Prime Video; however, Variety is reporting that the first season’s stars, Donald Glover and Maya Erskine, are not expected to return. Amazon would decline to comment on the matter and reps for both actors have not immediately responded to the news.

Despite the news of the two leads sitting out the next season, Jennifer Salke, head of Amazon MGM Studios, has still shown her enthusiasm for the future of the series, “We are excited to announce that a second season of our groundbreaking spy series, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, is in the works for our global Prime Video customers. The success of the first season, with its incredibly modern, sexy reinvention of the original film, is a testament to the brilliant creators Donald Glover and Francesa Sloane. We are proud to bring you another season filled with unforgettable journeys and new adventures.”

It is being said that the ending of the first season perhaps led to the show leaning into becoming more of an anthology series with different spy couples taking up the identities of John and Jane Smith every season. Glover and Erskine’s characters would be the inaugural couple and this upcoming season would see different actors partake in a similar undercover assignment with some romantic complications. This announcement was a part of Amazon’s first-ever upfront event, which also announced an early renewal of another hit streaming title, The Boys.

While the title implies that the show is a reboot of the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the show’s plot would not exactly rehash the movie’s. In the official synopsis for season one, “Two lonely strangers land jobs working for a mysterious spy agency that offers them a glorious life of espionage, wealth, world travels, and a dream brownstone in Manhattan. The catch? New identities in an arranged marriage as Mr. and Mrs. John and Jane Smith.
Now hitched, John and Jane navigate a high-risk mission every week while also facing a new relationship milestone. Their complex cover story becomes even more complicated when they catch real feelings for
each other. What’s riskier: espionage or marriage?”

Source: Variety

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